When we walk thru the streets of Manhattan and we look up, all we see is these huge astonishing buildings; which most of the time we never enter, much less reach the top. A city composed by tall skyscrapers is the New York I know, the New York I want to present to my viewers in these series of photographs. Which better way to start capturing the city than to start at the farthest point south and make my way uptown; by doing this I got to know part New York City, its streets and its people a little bit better. At some point I felt like a tourist, unlike a tourist I took the time to find the right angle, the proper spot, the perfect shadow and the precise moment to press the shutter; once finished, without even noticing I found myself surrounded by other photo enthusiasts photographing what I was trying to capture. Using a 10-22 mm wide-angle lens combined with oblique angles, I created surrealist compositions out of Manhattan's streets. I was able to get more of the built environment into each frame than the human eye can normally see emphasizing the immensity of this city.