Art in the Park!

Once a year there is an art exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This particular piece caught my attention.

Sculpture by the Manhattan Bridge

Sculpture by the Manhattan Bridge

Sculpture by the Manhattan Bridge

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About jc

I’m a graphic and web designer with a serious passion and love for photography! Within the past few years I have discovered strengths, talents, and passions that I never knew I had. One of them is photography; I like to explore people, their different angles, their feelings and emotions, I enjoy capturing the moment, I like to portray who someone really is in my work. A person’s eyes have so much to tell, a whole life ahead of them; is not easy to capture that in a picture, but is not impossible either. Getting a person to tell me a story with his/her eyes, whether it’s a sad one or a happy one, is what I aim for when working with people. I love nature; I really enjoy capturing those beautiful sunsets, rich in reds, oranges, yellows and blues, its breath taking to see nature at its best. Being able to capture that range of colors from cool to warm in one single shot is amazing. Shooting landscapes, structures, buildings, monuments, bridges, abandoned houses, neighborhoods, is one of my strengths. Is much easier because the subjects are not moving, I can take all the time in the world to find the perfect angle, and to frame the shot adequately. One of my best collections is called “From the Battery to the Met”, a series of photographs taken in New York City, from Battery Park to the Metropolitan museum, hence the name. The way time and movement are frozen in time in the tenth of a second that it takes for the lens to close and open again inspires me, intrigues me and bedazzles me. As a graphic designer I like to break the rules to create unusual, appealing and balanced designs. I tend to go beyond the usual and expected to come up with solutions for my client’s problems, creating a design that is unique and astonishing. Uniqueness is what I aim for, it is what makes us different from others. To me, graphic design is another form of art, which I love. It bedazzles me to see a blank page take shape. Is like an empty canvas to a painter. Using the right typefaces, images, abstract forms and color schemes we can make sure our final piece makes sense and communicates what we aim for, while accomplishing visual balance and aesthetic. As a web designer, is fascinating to see how a bunch of letters surrounded by symbols can form beautiful and interactive web pages. It intrigues me to see how playing with the CSS rules of the tags I can move all the elements around the page to a precise pixel value. It is amazing to see how simple mathematics and design work hand to hand to create astonishing web designs and layouts. When it comes to photography and design, our possibilities are endless and the impossible becomes possible. With imagination and creativity anything can be done, and our dreams can come true. My name is Juan Fernando Campos, this is who I am, what I believe, and what I stand for.
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